Freedom From Migraine
6-Week Transformation

A 6 week transformational reset helping you become Migraine and headache free so you can have a better quality of life and live without limitations.

This is for you if you would like support and guidance as you transform to a Migraine Free Life.

Transformation Goals:

  • Identify and resolve the root cause of the migraine or headache so you can live life free from symptoms and anxiety
  • To enable you to live freely without worrying about when the next migraine may hit
  • Improve the quality of your life by eliminating Migraine and the associated anxiety
  • Create confidence that you can live without limitations…no more worrying about not making family events and social gatherings.
  • No more planning around migraines!
How to become a headache and migraine free?

Your path to A Life Free From Migraine looks like this:

  • Identify the root cause of your migraine so we can clear the blocked emotions around it 
  • To gain a complete understanding of the messages your body is giving you and learn to work with it, to re-ignite its natural healing ability
  • Identify the secondary gains that are locking the cycle in place and releasing them 
  • Heal the root cause using the Metaphysical Anatomy Technique (MAT):-
    • Resolve the Emotional blocks which are causing dis-ease in the body
    • Clear any related Trauma
    • Heal Ancestral Trauma
    • Rebalance Instinctive Responses so that your body will naturally realign and heal
  • Stop Migraines and headaches recurring so you can make plans freely without worrying if you will be able to see them through
  • Understand the importance of healthy boundaries and learn how to use them to live the life that you wish 
  • Master anxiety so you can live in confidence instead worrying about being triggered 
Candle with crystals

Our Process: The Headspace Method

  • 1 Hour Onboarding Call so we can identify your symptoms, triggers, past medical history, and lifestyle
  • 3 x 1 Hour MAT (Metaphysical Anatomy Technique) sessions to resolve the emotional blocks and clear the traumas which are causing your Migraines
  • 6 Self Paced Modules to support your healing transformation
  • Weekly Group Q&A Calls, Ask me anything
  • Weekly check in document to track your progress
  • Guidance on dietary changes to help alleviate your Migraine symptoms
  • Dedicated Facebook Group where I will answer your questions each day

Full Suite of Done-For-You Exercises, Videos & Guides

  • Clearing Your Dominant Negative Emotional Block – Stress Healing – Journaling exercise with healing audio
  • Clearing Your Path To A Migraine Free Life – Video with journaling prompts and healing audio
  • Anxiety – Video, exercise with healing audio
  • A video & worksheet on Gratitude and why it is so important to your wellbeing
  • A video and worksheet on Food as Medicine and how to make it work for you 
  • The Emotion Wheel PDF to provide clarity on the effect your emotions have on your physical wellbeing
  • Journaling prompts to keep you focused and assist you in feeling in control of your life

This is for you if….

  • You are ready to live a migraine free life
  • You are open to spirituality
  • You are curious to know what messages your body is sending you
  • You are ready to prioritise your wellbeing
  • You are open to believing in your body’s innate wisdom to heal
  • You are ready to expand your intuition
  • You are willing to work together as a team.

This is not for you if...

  • You are not open to the healing process
  • You are not ready to be guided
  • You think I have a magic wand – I don’t!

I’m here to facilitate your healing and mentor you through the transformation process. 

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