The Metaphysical Anatomy Technique - MAT

Founded by Evette Rose, Author, Life Coach, Trauma Release Practitioner and Personal Development Teacher.

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17th - 19thApril 2023Monday - Wednesday11am - 5pmGMT / London
10th - 12thJuly 2023Monday - Wednesday11am - 5pmBST / London
16th -18thAugust 2023Wednesday - Friday11am - 5pmBST / London

What is MAT?

Founded by Evette Rose, Metaphysical Anatomy is an emotion and trauma release, personal development process. By looking at where pain or dis-ease is occurring in the body gives us clues as to the root cause of the issue.  Working with the psychosomatics enables us to see our pain or ailment as a message bringing something to our attention, a warning signal letting us know that something is off balance and needs addressing. 

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What is Trauma – How does it concern me?

Trauma occurs when a person feels unsafe.  Examples include what we might typically understand trauma to be, physical assault, an accident, or injury. But equally there are many other traumas which greatly affect us that may not seem so obvious.  For example, low-level stress or an insufficient amount of attention in childhood can result in trauma. 

The science of Epigenetics demonstrates that trauma creates biological change which is passed down the Ancestral Line and influences how likely we are to suffer from certain physical and emotional stresses.  We are affected equally by our Life Experiences, our Environment, and our Ancestral pre-dispositions which is why a situation perceived as traumatic by one person feels insignificant to another.

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Emotions and Instincts – What part do they play?

When our body experiences a trauma it is hardwired to protect itself by activating instincts such as fight or flight, freeze, hide, etc.   These responses then become linked to the emotional stress that was felt at the time of the trauma such as loss of control, hopelessness, resentment etc etc.

Because we have a tendency to suppress our emotions and even our physical reactions, the body does not release trauma naturally as it should do.  Therefore, the body doesn’t realize the danger is over and the emotions and instinctive response get locked in.  This is what creates the emotional blocks and when we clear them we transform our lives!

Why does MAT work – What makes it different?

Metaphysical Anatomy is a gentle and very effective process that works by resolving stagnant trauma and emotional blocks quickly and easily, whether they are from adulthood, childhood, womb, conception, or from the ancestral line. 

Our bodies store trauma physically in the brain, in muscles and in other tissues but also in our energy fields.  MAT address them all and it does this without needing to remember or re-live the trauma. It provides lasting results!

Resistance to Healing – How does it apply to me?

Another important element we consider in MAT is resistance to healing.  Whilst our body is always trying to keep us safe our sub-conscious starts to see a benefit in the situation.  By identifying the secondary gain (the benefit that our pain or ailment gives us) we release the resistance and allow healing to take place.

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I don’t feel or talk about emotions - Will MAT work for me?

The body often instinctively suppresses emotions as a way to disassociate from a traumatic event.  MAT includes tools to work with and address this. The effectiveness of a session is of course individual.

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What does this have to do with my Migraines – How will it help?

Migraines are one of many ways our body has of communicating with us, a warning signal letting us know that something is off balance and needs addressing.  An MAT session is very much focused on the individual and their needs but as a start point we would look at what was going on in your life when the migraine started.  Clearing the emotional blocks that come up around that allows the body to naturally re-align and heal. 

How many sessions do I need to get results?

That of course depends on the complexity of your situation.  You will feel a shift in your emotional state after just one session. 


The sessions are profoundly relaxing, yet deeply transformative.


Metaphysical Anatomy is not a replacement for any professional medical advice or treatment.

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