Testimonial by Marissa Fanelli

Your body speaks a secret language, and this language holds the key to a profound understanding of the web that binds body, mind and spirit.

The most innocuous of complaints can whisper the truth about the story of your life.  We all experience mild aches and pains, irritations so seemingly insignificant that we often give in to the temptation to ignore them. But in the right hands, these annoyances can lead to the unfolding of a script that will reveal unknown blocks, traumas, and fears that your body is holding on to. And if unaddressed, your body may elevate these messages from a whisper to a shout, leading to an increase in pain and dysfunction.

Jo Cooper is a divine translator; she has the gift of being able to converse with your body, coaxing it into communicating its needs so that they can be served and resolved.  She unravels the language barriers that are holding you back from an understanding of what your pain is telling you. Her knowledge and expertise goes far beyond the physical, mental, and emotional; she can speak to your body on the spiritual and energetic planes, as well.

The Metaphysical Anatomy Technique is the art of getting to the root cause of emotional trauma, which can stem all the way back to conception and beyond. These sessions begin with a thorough analysis of any dysfunction that is taking place in your body. Jo makes you feel instantly at ease with her warm, professional assessment of your issues. Her understanding of metaphysical anatomy is vast and personal; she is her own success story. In her own life, she suffered from a headache that lasted 28 years, and more recently from debilitating PTSD. This technique quickly eradicated both issues, completely transforming her life, and she understood her calling to get this work out into the world.

Once your issues are discussed, the investigation begins. She digs into this life and beyond to seek the truth. This dive into the depths of your soul is enlightening and fascinating; ancestral predispositions can have a massive impact on your life today. You will learn to view the physical sensations of your body in a completely new way as she brings you to the realization of how much we hold on to, and how much it affects our lives on a daily basis.

The sessions are profoundly relaxing, yet deeply transformative. As you sit down, she brings to light the psychosomatics of your pain. She tunes into your body, giving you a scan, and quickly hones in on where  your energies are whispering their tale of wounds and past trauma. She can feel the pain of her clients and is incredibly tuned in to energetic blocks in your system. As she begins her work, you will gain an entirely new perspective about your life and health. So much of what you’ve never understood about the way your body functions will come to light during your session.

Jo is a true healer; she treats with integrity and a passion for getting you back to a state of optimal health. In her own words, she isn’t about repeat business. She is not there to force you into a state of dependency; rather, she wants to empower you so that you can get to the root of your pain, clear it, and move forward in your life. As she gives you the tools to bring your body back to balance, YOU become the master of your own healing.

Marissa Fanelli

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