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Learn the Metaphysical Anatomy Technique (MAT)

Founded by Evette Rose, Author, Trauma Release Practitioner and Personal Development Teacher

Next Available Course Dates

Date:Month:Day Range:Time:Time Zone:
17th - 19thApril 2023Monday - Wednesday11am - 5pmGMT / London
10th - 12thJuly 2023Monday - Wednesday11am - 5pmBST / London
16th -18thAugust 2023Wednesday - Friday11am - 5pmBST / London
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What is MAT?

Metaphysical Anatomy is an emotion and trauma release personal development process.

By looking at where pain or dis-ease is occurring in the body gives us clues as to the root cause of the issue. 

Working with the psychosomatics enables us to see our pain or ailment as a message bringing something to our attention, a warning signal letting us know that something is off balance and needs addressing. 

Why Learn MAT?

  • MAT will provide you with the tools you need to heal on both a physical and emotional level.  
  • It will lead you to the root cause of a pain, ailment, or condition
  • It will awaken your intuition and show you how to heal from trauma and old stressful events from the past – without having to remember or re-live them
  • It will show you how to take your power back allowing you to reclaim your true authentic self.
  • It will give you the tools you need to resolve limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • It will show you how to heal anxiety and depression
  • Help others – There is an option to become a certified MAT Practitioner
  • It is also a valuable tool for Coaches working with clients on personal development
  • Level 1 is a pre-requisite for Level 2

You will learn how to work with the language of the body. You will understand how and why the body stores emotions and trauma and learn how to gently release it allowing the body to naturally re-align and heal.

‘At the end of the 3 days you will be confident using some very powerful techniques’

"Jo is a great teacher, I loved learning from her. She is very kind, patient and easy to relate to. The course had a great flow, Jo explained the different tools very clearly and understandably. She has a great knowledge of MAT and it can be felt that she is very enthusiastic about the technique and genuinely loves teaching it."
Vivien V.

‘MAT Rapid Growth will transform your life!’

Who is the level 1 suitable for?

‘I love teaching the MAT level 1 because it is so simple and yet so very effective. ‘

At the end of the 3 days you will be confident in using some very powerful techniques’

Hollistically Whole - MAT Course video

How is the course structured?

Held over 3 consecutive days, live online via Zoom, it is designed to be light hearted and fun!

There is a balance between

Time is allocated for Q & A to ensure understanding of each component.

Note the course is interactive for the duration – you must attend all of the 3 days.

‘Healing trauma and old stressful events from the past does not have to be hard’ 

"Thank you so much for such a great 3 days…it flew by! Your enthusiasm for what you do is infectious and your teaching was very clear, it has given me the confidence to get out there and practice and spread the word!"
Judith W.

What happens after the course?

You will be invited to join the MAT Level 1 Support Forum on Pumble

You will gain access to the MAT Level 1 members area online with relevant resources

Monthly Q&A Webinars hosted by Evette Rose – submit a question and hear Evette answer it

Healing swaps with other MAT practitioners

Free Access to the level 1 online refresher course

How do I become certified?

The certification program is designed to enable you to practice MAT in a more CONFIDENT and AUTHENTIC way and help MAT to be confident regarding the quality of the practitioner.

The Certification Program is a Program to produce Certified Students who are able to practice MAT in a more CONFIDENT and AUTHENTIC way and help MAT to be confident regarding the quality of the practitioner.

Weekend Course

Jo Cooper Group Meeting

What will I learn in more detail?


"I really loved the 3 days of training with you. I am so grateful for the wonderful teachings you so generously shared with us. I look forward to more learnings with you. "
Kamala H.
"I attended Level 1 Metaphysical Anatomy Technique Online Zoom Training with Jo Cooper as my instructor. The 3 day training was well constructed and well organized. The resource materials were relevant, complete and helpful. I found the session to be engaging and very informative. Jo went through the course material methodically and ensured the students had a real understanding of the content by providing relevant examples in day to day life. The demonstrations where valuable and the breakdown of the demonstrations afterwards was priceless. The ability to then go into break out rooms to practise the technique and also come back to unpack and ask more questions was just brilliant. I really enjoyed this training and see it as a valuable tool for my coaching and healing business. Jo was well informed, experienced, funny, authentic and genuine and I am grateful to have her guidance as my mentor in my network. I recommend this training to anyone interested in healing themselves and others from emotional and physical trauma."
Amira R.
Personal Success Coach

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