How I broke free from a headache that lasted for 28 years – 5 steps that actually worked

Let food be the medicine

I was 22 when I got a headache one day.  A perfectly normal day at work in a job I enjoyed. Within a few days it had worsened into a constant migraine leaving me hardly able to move.  Many doctor’s appointments followed including Neurologists and MRI scans but no answers were forthcoming.  It was a complete mystery as to what was causing it.

I ploughed on managing as well as I could changing to a less demanding job and improving my diet. I didn’t qualify as an accountant.  My biggest memory of my finals was sitting in the exam with intense pain feeling nauseous and struggling to read the paper!  No medication really worked but I didn’t leave the house without Migraine painkillers in my pocket for many years.  I stopped taking them when I was expecting my daughter over 19 years ago and turned to holistic therapies to manage the pain instead. Although I was living with constant pain I enjoyed a full and active life and I never gave up hope that one day it would be gone.  Here are 5 steps that finally helped me heal:

😊 I accepted where I was at: What we resist persists so my tactic of ignoring it and seeing it as almost separate from myself was actually locking in the pain cycle.  Instead, I acknowledged it was there and started to understand that it had a purpose.  I started to take note of what was going on in my life when it got worse and how I was feeling emotionally.

😐 I banished negative thoughts: My inner dialogue with my body was not kind or compassionate! I had lost trust in it treating it as a foe rather than an ally.  Every single cell in our body is affected by and responds to our thoughts!  What we tell ourselves makes an enormous difference to our reality so I started paying attention to my thoughts and changed the negative dialogue to a positive one.

🌲 I found the root cause of my headache: As I became more in tune with my emotions I realised that the location of the pain was a clue as to what past trauma might be causing emotional blocks.  It is these emotional blocks which cause dis-ease in the body.  I came to understand that we are affected equally by our Life Experiences, our Environment, and our Ancestral pre-disposition and that Trauma is not just a ‘big’ event.  In my case the cause was mainly due to Ancestral Trauma and when this was resolved very quickly and easily with Emotion Healing the headache lifted within a few hours.

✉ I started to trust my body: I now know that my body is ALWAYS trying to keep me safe.  I pay attention to my feelings knowing that it is my body’s way of communicating with me.  I see pain as a message bringing something to my attention, a warning signal letting me know that something is off balance and needs addressing and I do that by healing the emotions that come up around it.

And now where once there was pain I find instead a wonderful sense of space!  I’m sharing this to spread hope because I know what it’s like to be stuck in a migraine cycle and if I can heal after 28 years you can too.

Please reach out if you would like to know more.

Jo Cooper

Jo Cooper

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