I live in South Derbyshire, England, with my husband and three teenage children.  I am here to help you after spending nearly 30 years exploring holistic therapies.  Why? Because when I was 22 I got a migraine, that would not go away!  The migraine turned into a constant headache which stayed with me literally all of the time for 28 years.

Holistically-Whole Jo Cooper
Despite you can't see it, everything is connected - positove vibes

I am now very happily headache free after learning that we can actually work with our body to identify the root cause of migraines and headaches and resolve them by clearing the emotional stress around the cause. 

I love energy healing for the simple fact that it addresses the cause rather than just treating the symptoms.  It works on a deep level and encompasses mind, body and spirit.  Side effects are positive and typically include feeling lighter, more content and more in control of your life.  As well as healing from migraine I have healed from PTSD, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic pain and the Epstein Barr Virus.  I have undergone a profound energy transformation and the world is a brighter place because of it.

I also love the concept of food as medicine.  That has played a large part in my journey along with meditation, yoga and Pilates. I firmly believe that a positive mindset makes a dramatic difference to our health.  It’s not easy I know, but every cell in our body is affected by our thoughts so our inner dialogue matters!  Be kind to yourself and your body will thank you!


I look forward to meeting you….just reach out and we can chat.

With love and best wishes,


My work does not take the place of advice from a licensed medical professional

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